Monthly Archives: October 2011

What a celebration!

When people ask me, ‘Is there a loo in your church?’ it is a constant delight to be able to say ‘Of course!  And a kitchen – help yourself to a drink!’  I’ve only been able to say that for the last couple of weeks, but I suspect I’ll never get tired of smiling about it!   And all the more so because so much of the building was achieved through the blood, sweat, tears, skill, vision and sheer determination of members of the congregation. You’re all wonderful!

What a celebration we had on 24th September!  It was such a treat to see the church full of people, coming and going, eating and drinking, chatting and listening.  The wide range of entertainment and the very lovely refreshments were much enjoyed, and the raffle proved more popular than we could ever have expected.  It was, simply, a day full of highlights. I’m so grateful to the organizing team, and everyone who contributed to the success of the day.

Over £4000 was raised during the day and evening, which is a wonderful achievement , and it’s a special joy to be able to say that out of this total, over £700 will be sent on to WaterAid – enough to buy hygiene kits for 40 families, and water purification tablets for 30 families. Amazing. While we enjoy our new running water and sanitation, we continue to pray for and support all those in the world for whom fresh water is still a long way off.

There’s time for a big sigh of relief, for certain people to put their feet up (at least for a little while!), and for us all to give a huge thank you to everyone who has made our new facilities possible (often through their quite literal blood, sweat and tears!).  We also have our service of thanksgiving to come, on 6th November, with Bishop David.

What we have is already wonderful, but there will be even more that we can do, especially in the wider community, once the larger hall is also built (phase 2).  In the meantime, we have this fantastic new resource. We worked hard for it, but those who’ve been doing most of the building and fundraising would be the first to say that God has been a very real presence throughout the process.  The near misses and last minute miracles have tested and proved the faith of all those involved.  May that same faith enable us to be generous and wise stewards of all the resources with which God has entrusted us.