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Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday takes us on a journey from the gates of Jerusalem to the dereliction of the cross.  It takes us on an emotional journey from the hope and expectation of prophecy fulfilled as Jesus rides in on the Donkey to the confusion, heartache and bitter betrayal of Maundy Thursday night and Good Friday.  It takes us on a theological journey, redefining salvation from a triumphant victory over the rulers who oppress on earth to a much quieter, yet more significant victory over all that oppresses the human soul. 

Palm Sunday 10.30am Family Eucharist at St Mary’s Buckden

The Way of Life (relief sculpture in Ely Cathedral by Jonathan Clarke)As we walk the way of the cross again this week, we see for ourselves the depths of sin that led Jesus there, and the depths of love that enabled him to make the journey, even knowing what suffering it would bring. If we allow ourselves to see through the eyes of the crowds, the eyes of the disciples, the eyes of Peter, of Pilate, of the High Priest, and even of Judas, we may also learn more about how we ourselves see Christ.  In this way we will be equipped to witness alongside the centurion, the Marys, and the disciples the true power of the resurrection: what it means for us and for the world.

Shiny new website

I was inspired last night by the very public-spirited and supertalented so here is the result – a website for St Mary’s that is twice the size it was, and with a new look and better all round everything!  There are still a few missing links, so bear with me while I fix them, but otherwise, I’d love to know what you think!