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September’s Newsletter is out…

…and you can download it here to get all the diary dates and news from St Mary’s: Newsletter September 2013

Concert tonight (August 24th) – International Harp Festival concert

Part of the 16th International Stamford Harp Festival, this concert brings together two international harpists in a stunning programme.

ERIK ASK-UPMARK is the Swedish harpist of the realm (a great honour) and is coming especially to play for the harp weekend. Professional multi-instrumentalist and international performer of folk melodies from the nordic and celtic countries, Erik has been touring America and Europe for many years.

LEONARD JACOME is a national favourite of his home country Venezuela. His percussive and rhythmic style will transport you to the plains of South America. Leonard appears on TV regularly there and plays with the internationally famous Youth Orchestra of Venezuela. Coming specially from Venezuela to play this weekend, with his wife playing quatro guitar, it will be an unmissable concert.