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Prayers for the A1

At St Mary’s Buckden we regularly pray for the A1: for those who travel on it, and for the emergency services who endeavour to keep us safe as we travel, and who are always there swiftly to deal with accidents when they do occur.

On Sunday 13th October there was a major accident on the Northbound carriageway just south of Buckden, involving a coach and a lorry and possibly also a car.  In church we prayed for all those involved, and your continuing prayers are invited for:

  • Those seriously hurt, particularly the two bus drivers
  • Those with only minor injuries, but who will need support in their recovery from a frightening experience
  • The emergency personnel who attended the scene
  • All road users on the A1 – for their safety and care.
  • Thanksgiving for the vigilance and careful driving of the coach driver, and that the accident was not even more serious.

Details of the accident and its aftermath have been widely reported online.

New Foundations Group

A Foundations Group is a great way of exploring faith – either for the first time or as a ‘refresher’ – looking at what we believe, and why, in a safe and friendly group, enables doubts to be voiced, questions to be asked, and support to be given and received, no matter where you are on your journey of faith.
The next Foundations Group at St Mary’s is about to start. Please do contact Ally Barrett (810371) if you’d like to know more.


The new greetings cards are now available

As well as the lovely handmade cards, we now have some new printed greetings cards available in St Mary’s featuring images of the church in the snow. Here are the new pictures:

St Mary's in the snow (east) St Mary's in the snow (south) DSC_1007 DSC_0998

St Mary’s charity of the month for October: MAF

Mission Aviation Fellowship
A dynamic Christian organisation operating more than 130 aircraft in around 25 countries in the developing world. Flying across  hostile environments, they reach the world’s most isolated people.  They partner with over 1,000 other organisations to bring physical and spiritual care to those who need it most.
Why not join us in praying for the work of MAF on their annual day of prayer on 20th October?