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Summer Rotas

Church rotas for July and August are published here

June Newsletter

Here is a copy of our June Newsletter Newsletter June 2016
Remember that our chosen charity for May-June is Godmanchester Foodbank.  See our charities page (under finance) for more information.

The monthly newsletters include all the services and events for the forthcoming month, sometimes information on events planned further ahead, reports from the ministry team and the PCC, information on the current prayer cycle and sponsored charities and our main contact details.

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Major Projects in progress

clerestory parapet             chancel roof           organ playing

At St Mary’s we do have a vision for a future where our church is central and relevant to modern village life, where we attract newcomers and are welcoming to all who visit , where we further develop our use of technology within the church to enhance the experience of our congregation and our visitors.  We recognise the need for change in order to progress our mission and are keen to be able to start on exciting new projects.

But, before we can do that, we have a number of large and necessary maintenance projects that urgently need our attention.  As with any large project, the costs are considerable.  Our congregation already contribute to the full, in order just to meet the costs of running the building and the ministry share which we pay to the Diocese.  So part of the process for any new project must be applications for grants and other outside sources of funding.  Although we have three large projects, they are very differently and, hopefully, we attract different sources of funding.

We would appreciate your prayers as we start on the following projects.
For up to date information on these projects, please see the “Major Projects” page under the buildings tab.

THE CHANCEL ROOF (and surrounding area)
The church building is inspected by the Church Architect every five years and he advises on works that are needed in his Quinquennial report.  At St Mary’s this inspection took place in November 2014.  A major item requiring attention was the chancel roof, which we know has been prone to occasional leaks in the last few years.
The chancel roof itself is the responsibility of the church commissioners, so we do not have to raise funds for that repair.  However, the chancel roof is attached to the north transept roof (over the organ chamber) so it would be sensible to have both roofs repaired at the same time.
An initial application to Listed Places of Worship for a roof grant has already been submitted (Feb-2016) and we are waiting to hear whether it was successful.  If unsuccessful, we will be making alternative funding applications. A faculty application, supported by a PCC resolution, for permission to do the work has also been submitted to the Diocese (May-2016).
We are looking at work starting in October 2016 for this project.  The work has to be completed in the period October – March to avoid disturbing the bats as far as possible.

STONEWORK (and clock)
An urgent item highlighted in the Architect’s 2014 Quinquennial report was to check and repoint the clerestory parapet.  Although not a huge job in itself, it seemed sensible to group the urgent item with other stonework requiring attention.  Much of the area needing attention is not easily accessible and would require scaffolding or similar.  Also, whilst there is scaffolding around the tower, it would be sensible to include repairs to the external parts of the clock as part of the project.
We are currently looking at potential sources of funding for this project, or the various sections of it.  A faculty application for permission to do the work is being prepared.

For some time now, the organ has been having problems which cannot be rectified without a complete overhaul.  Our organ is a Nicholson and Lord, 3 manual and pedal board, tracker action instrument which is not only rare but is over 100 years old.  It is part of our history at St Mary’s and, as such, will hopefully be able to attract grants/funding on the basis of heritage and music.
We are in the process of getting some more cost estimates for this work.  We are looking at potential sources of funding for this project and plan to submit a faculty application for permission to do the work.

Food Donations please

St Mary’s chosen charity for May-June 2016 is Godmanchester Food Bank www. . We already have good links with the foodbank and have a food collection box at the back of church.
Update 22nd May 2016 – The foodbank is currently running short of supplies, particularly tinned meat and tinned vegetables (but not baked beans or pasta).  If you are able to donate, please leave items in the food collection box near the font.

For more information about our chosen charities throughout the year – see our charities page which is under the finance tab, or click here

Churchyard Tidy – Saturday 21st May

Come and join us at the Churchyard Tidy on Saturday 21st May 10.00am – 12.30pm.
All welcome, bring your own tools and give a hand. Every little helps.
Coffee and cakes available too.


We will be getting the churchyard ready for forthcoming wedding season with our first wedding on saturday afternoon.