November at St Mary’s

There are a whole variety of things going on in and around St Mary’s this November. From the sombre and reflective services (All Souls Service & Remembrance Service)  to the active and fun events (Holidays at Home Revisited & The Barn Dance); the new-look Community Café; the Cleaning Crew; Saturday Coffee & Cakes…the list just goes on.

All Souls poster Buckden1            2018 ONLY Remembrance Day Service Poster (Buckden)1

St Mary’s chosen charity for November-December is Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)   For 70 years, MAF has been flying for life
In today’s ‘connected world’, the irony is that never have so many people been so isolated. Flying onto desert and jungle airstrips, lakes and rivers, tracks and roads, MAF’s light aircraft and their mission pilots go the extra miles to provide a lifeline. They fly medical, relief and life-transforming help to vulnerable people in hard-to-reach places. They need our prayers and financial support.

Dusters at the ready! Come and join the cleaning crew
Saturday 3rd November (and every 1st Saturday) from 10am
Our recent plea for help with church cleaning has resulted in several initiatives
– weekly cleaning will continue but only a few areas are covered this way
– Cleaning Crew will now run every month on the 1st Saturday. Please join in.
– brass cleaning has been allocated to specific people / groups
– cleaning prior to weddings/funerals/events. Several people have signed up to help with this and will be called as and when required

Remembrance Weekend Poster 11         Community Cafe poster1

HaH Revisited Nov 2018 Poster1        Barn Dance Poster 2411181

For more information about all events in November, have a look at this month’s newsletter. A copy can be viewed here 1811 Newsletter Nov2018  or you can see all recent newsletters on this website under the INFO tab

See below for events coming up at St Mary’s this month1811 Roundabout St Mary's page Nov2

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