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St Mary’s Newsletter – May 2020

We look forward to a time when we will be able to come together again physically.
In the meantime, we have found many and varied ways of keeping in touch and supporting one another.  Please keep checking this website for updates.
Here is our newsletter for May and a few pictures from the archives.
St Mary’s Newsletter May 2020

Sermons during lockdown

If you’ve missed any of Jes’s sermons over the past few weeks, you can access them here along with some of our sermons from previous years.


Notice of proposed works to St Mary’s Church, Buckden

Please be aware of the following proposed works to St Mary’s Church Buckden:

  • Repair of the vestry wall.
  • Completion of the end wall of the extension on the north side of the church.
  • Replacement of the iron railings at the end of the extension between St Mary’s and Buckden Towers.

The formal Public Notice with all supporting information is available to view here:
Form 4A – Public Notice
Supporting documents



Sunday service – 26th April

Please join us this Sunday.
There will be a “virtual” service on Sunday 26th April at 11.00am.

For the children, there is a Sunday Club Newsletter / activity sheet sunday club newsletter – 26 april

You can download the service sheet and pewsheet  here:-
Morning prayer 26.4.20
Pewsheet 26.4.20
Sermon – Abraham. 26.4.20

The service will be also be streamed on Facebook and on YouTube.  “St Mary’s Buckden” as close to 11am as possible.  If you can’t make it at 11am, you can always catch up later.
YouTube channel: St Mary’s Buckden


Thought for the day

We’re now into our second three week period of lockdown, and for some of us this may be frustrating, particularly as we read of other countries who are beginning to relax their lockdown restrictions.
The bible encourages us to be thankful in all circumstances (note; not for all circumstances).And although life is more limiting than we would like, and is very difficult for some, there are many things for us to be thankful about this Tuesday morning. Here are just some of the things that occur to me;
The weather. We’ve been blessed over the past few weeks with lots of sunshine, so we have been able to enjoy our time outside – either in our gardens or our exercise trips, and children have been able to play outside.
Our community. It’s been great to see how folk are supporting each other locally, how many have supported the Buckden volunteer scheme, and how people are just generally relating to each other.
Friends and family. Although we have been unable to see each other, through phone, email skype etc we have perhaps kept in touch more than we might have done.
Our village shop, who have been great in supporting the community.
These are just some of the things that occur to me. Hopefully there are lots of other things for each of us to be thankful for today.
Have a good day.