Thought for the day 08/04/2020

A borrowed thought this morning from a friend who having heard someone (admittedly a journalist) saying how harrowing they were finding the present crisis was reflecting on the word ‘harrowing’. Today the words describes a distressing experience, and certainly for many these have been difficult times. But traditionally a harrow was an implement consisting of a heavy frame set with teeth or tines which is dragged over land to break up clods, remove weeds. So harrowing was the act of breaking up the earth to allow seeds to germinate and grow.
I wonder if there is something in both meanings for us to reflect on. Certainly for many this is proving difficult. But it may be that the ‘breaking up of the earth’, the radically different life we are living may lead to new growth in our communities – we already may be seeing this in the heightened sense of connectedness. But as we move through Holy Week lets also be open to the possibly of new growth in ourselves.
Have a good day.

Image result for harrow

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