St Mary’s News – August 2020

As restrictions start to ease a little, we are pleased to say that St Mary’s has been open for private prayer two days a week (since 22nd June); Wednesday  Communion (since 15th July) and will soon open for a Sunday Service as well (from 16th August). There are social distancing measures in place, please familiarize yourself with and comply with these measures.

Our online activities will be continuing in parallel with the activities in church.

We are also planning some new activities / events in the coming months:-
– A Children’s Virtual Holiday Club SeasideRock@Home on 24th-26th August
– Ride & Stride (sponsored walk/cycle/drive around local churches) on 12th September
– A prayer walk initiative starting in September
St Mary’s Annual Meetings (APCM & churchwarden election) Sunday 27th September

For more information about all services and events at St Mary’s, please see our newsletter for August
St Mary’s Newsletter August 2020

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