800 years

2017 was the 800th anniversary of the first recorded priest at St Mary’s Buckden, Rev William de Bugden in 1217.   We decided  to celebrate this landmark in various different ways looking at the history, doing some fund-raising, connecting with the wider community, having lots of fun and coming together for a wonderful celebration weekend of events and a special celebration service.


800 years of history – to mark the 800th anniversary of our first recorded priest , our resident historian Barry Jobling has prepared a series of eleven historical articles. These are being published in the Buckden Roundabout from April 2017 to February 2018.  Those that have been published so far and can also be accessed using the links below:-
800 article 1 – in the beginning
800 article 2 – just 800 years ago
800 article 3 – still 800 years ago
800 article 4 – not exactly DIY SOS
800 article 5 – How do you like the new rose Your Majesty
800 article 6 – Six Bells a Bishop a Queen and two Dukes
800 article 7 – Two Kings two Queens and great turmoil
800 article 8 – The Commonwealth the Restoration and some good men
800 article 9 – A Fire Engine Nelsons Column and St Marys gets the Palace
800 article 10 – The Churchyard Bellringers a Census and a Gale
800 article 11 – major works suffragists and more major works

800 and counting challenge – our initiative for fund-raising and connecting with the wider community was this challenge :- If we gave you £10, could you use your talents to grow that money?  Local groups / clubs / families / individuals were each given £10 and were invited to use their talents and expertise to help us to celebrate the 800, have some fun, raise funds and “Grow the money” for our Restoration Appeal.

800 ideas!!!  – We asked people to use their imagination and showcase their talents to the full to “grow the money”.  The ideas were varied – some gave donations or ran tea parties; others connected with the wider public  at a car boot sale; children filled smartie tubes with coins; some took part in sponsored events; others sold items they have made; we had a film on the farm; tea in the garden; knitted hats for newborns; batches of soup made to order.


800 pounds £££ –  we started with £800 to give out to local groups / clubs / families / individuals.  We eagerly await the final total that this has grown to with such fantastic efforts from so many people.

800 celebrations – in September we had a weekend of celebration.  All those who had taken part in the challenge were invited to come back and tell us about it and to bring the proceeds of their endeavours.  After a fabulous day of entertainment on Saturday we were able to announce that our £800 had already grown to over £8,000 with more contributions still to come.  During the celebration service on Sunday we gave thanks for everyone who has taken part in the challenge and the celebration, for all the priests in Buckden over the last 800 years, for the money raised which will contribute to our Restoration Appeal and for the fun that was had by all.

We later learned that our £800 had, in fact, grown to £10,000 – a huge thank you to everyone involved!
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