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Dusters at the ready! Come and join the cleaning crew

Dusters at the ready! Come and join the cleaning crew
Saturday 1st September from 10am
For many years we have benefited from a dedicated team who have cleaned the church every week. Sadly, numbers have dwindled and new volunteers have not been forthcoming.
We’ve been looking at new ways to get the work done and share the load between us:-
– some people will still clean specific areas every week
– some people will come in to clean ready for special occasions: weddings etc
– some people will be responsible for specific tasks such as brass cleaning
The Cleaning Crew will run every month on the first Saturday.  Everyone is encouraged to come along and join in.  All help is welcome as we share the load and share our company too. Coffee/tea & cakes are on always offer to feed the workers.



Holidays at Home starts today

Holidays at Home 2018 Poster1

Anniversary Celebration

This morning we welcomed the friends and family of Pam & Miles Falla to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with us.


It’s Moth week at St Mary’s!

Moths Breakfast 3107181

Holiday Clubs Galore!

Pyramid Rock – download a booking form here  pyramid-booking-2018
Holidays at home – please pick up a booking form in church