St Mary’s Chosen Charities:
In the year May 2018 to April 2019 we are supporting 6 specific charities, each for a 2 month period.   These charities have been nominated by members of the congregation who then have the opportunity to supplement the PCC donation with fund-raising through additional events, appeals, even a guest speaker. The person nominating the charity is encouraged to disseminate information via the website, monthly newsletters, the charities’ noticeboard in church. This allows us all to learn something about each charity and to become more engaged with it.

Our chosen Charity for July-August is Buckden village resident, Molly Smith. Following multiple organ transplants some years ago Molly has had ‘challenging health’. The funds raised will go towards ramps to enable Molly to spend time in her garden and leave the house as she becomes increasingly dependent on a wheelchair.

On Sunday 1st July, Molly’s mum Ann came to speak to us at St Mary’s.  Here is what she said to us:-
Molly is 27 and has lived all her life in the village. She has had complex health problems since she was a baby; culminating in a triple organ transplant nearly twelve years ago. She attended the village primary school, obtained her GCSEs and went on to study for an International Baccalaureate at Impington College.
For the past ten years, Molly has been living with an undiagnosed chronic physical illness. Her health is unpredictable but she sometimes has to spend lengthy periods of her life in bed (often weeks at a time).
After years of planning, this summer, we finally had our garage converted into a downstairs bedroom and wet-room more suitable for Molly’s declining mobility. Molly loves her new abode, it makes her life much easier. On good days she scoots in her wheelchair into the rest of the house and feels more part of the family as a result.
However, Molly craves independence and wants to be able to leave the house by herself. We have a temporary ramp but it is too heavy and cumbersome to be easily moved by a single person. With it in place, the doors cannot be closed so as a result it has to be moved away after every use. Molly loves going into the garden, seeing our chicken (Dolly) and playing with her dog (Toto). She wants to be able to wheel herself round the village, sometimes just to get a newspaper from the local shop. This is impossible for her at the moment.
We are looking for a more long term solution, in the form of permanent ramps for the front and back doors. We received partial funding for the garage conversion, but the grant did not cover external ramps.

AUGUST UPDATE:  Molly’s condition continues to mystify the medical profession and she is consequently awaiting another referral, this time to a neurologist. As a result of her deteriorating mobility Molly is waiting to get an electric wheelchair. Due to the extra weight of this it will not be able to be used with our temporary ramp, which makes the quest for permanent ramps even more important. Thank you for your support so far.  The Vine have kindly offered the profits from their upcoming family fun day and Pat King has promised the proceeds from a quiz night to go towards Molly’s ramps.
Here is a picture of Molly having a rare trip out, this time to Grafham Water.


Dates Charity
May – June 2018 Godmanchester Foodbank Logo Godmanchester Foodbank
July – August 2018 Molly Smith
September – October 2018 Bloodwise
November – December 2018 Mission Aviation Fellowship
January – February 2019 Magpas Air Ambulance
March – April 2019 Combat Stress

Cornerstone Care in Confidence
During January-February 2018 we supported Cornerstone, a local pregnancy advice centre in Huntingdon. We saved coins in babies’ bottles and raised £160.57 in addition to the PCC donation of £300. Thank you to everyone who supported this.

Little Princess Trust
During March-April 2018 we supported Little Princess Trust who provide real hair wigs for children with hair loss. There were fun quizzes, a beard grown long and coloured pink, and other events. £425 was raised in addition to the PCC donation of £300.

Godmanchester Foodbank Logo
During May-June 2018 we supported Godmanchester Foodbank which is part of the Trussell Trust foodbank network. We support the foodbank throughout the year as a food collection point but during May-June we supplemented this with financial donation as ell as raising awareness.


We aim to support any Disasters and Emergencies Committee Special Appeals which may arise during the year.
Godmanchester Foodbank LogoWe support Godmanchester Food Bank throughout the year with voluntary donations of food which can be put into a box at the back of church.
We support the Royal British Legion with the collection on Remembrance Sunday; local charities with donations of food at Harvest Festival; the Children’s Society with personal collection boxes and with the collection at Christingle; Christian Aid Week and other charities via whole village events organised by Buckden & District Churches Together.

In November 2017 we also had a visit from Pudsey Bear and raised £203 for Children in Need


Here’s a summary of our overall charitable giving during 2017:

2017 charity totals1



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