£200 per day !

Our costs
At St Mary’s Buckden we are blessed to have such a beautiful church building and such an active congregation.  Unfortunately, an historic building like this is not without cost.  This church costs approximately £200 per day to keep going – which includes cost of ministry, the expenses of running and heating and insuring the building, paying for repairs and maintenance, and for everything we need in order to maintain our activities and services.

Our church building is a wonderful asset, not only to our congregation, but to the whole village.  As the Parish Church of Buckden it is at the heart of village life and hosts not only large village services such as the Remembrance and Carol Service but also villagers’ weddings, baptisms and funerals.  There are strong links with the village school and other parts of the village community.

Many people already give so St Mary’s and to God in many different ways; of their time; of their talents; and financially.  However, with ever-increasing costs we do have to keep looking for ways to increase our income and asking people, if they can, to give more.

Please use the tabs above for more information about:-
Planned Giving options
Room Hire

2016 Restoration Appeal

However you choose to support St Mary’s, thank you, and may God bless you.

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