St Mary’s is open every day for anyone wanting peace, prayer or simply to spend time enjoying the beauty of the building.

We have a visitors’ book on the table at the entrance, please feel free to record your visit and your thoughts.

Turn right as you come in and you will find a small altar at the front.  This is our Prayer Corner. If there is anyone you would like us to pray for, you will find some prayer request slips here.  Prayers are said in St Mary’s every day weekday.

If you go into the Living Stones Room (through the door opposite the main church entrance) you will find the toilets and kitchen.  There is always milk in the fridge and tea and coffee in the cupboard so that you can make yourself at home.

The Tower Room at the back of the church is a multi-purpose room.
It is set-up as a Quiet Room with comfy chairs, a CD player, a selection of relaxing CDs, a small library of books and some prayer resources.  Anyone is welcome to use it for some quiet time.   It can also serve as a small meeting room and is used by our secretary (normally on wednesday and friday mornings for about an hour).
There is a small library of books at the back of church behind the font.  Please make use of the books that are there and feel free to borrow them.  There is a notebook there to record what you have borrowed.
Saturday Coffee and Cakes are served from 10:45am to 12:00am in the church on Saturday mornings – for further information please contact Gina Bylett (812777)

Wednesday Coffee with the Rev Jes (or a member of the ministry team) takes place after the midweek communion service (9.30am on
Wednesdays) from 10am till 10.30am.

The Living Stones Cafe is run by Friends in Deed and offers refreshments on the second Wednesday each month from 2.30pm til 4pm in the Living Stones Room.



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