Resources for faith

Downloadable Resources
Here are some resources compiled by the St Mary’s Ground Floor Group, which you are welcome to download and use.
Out of hours faith for everyone
Reflections for Advent
Aids to Reflection for Lent
Reflections for Holy Week

St Mary’s houses a small library of books on spirituality, bible reading, prayer and other subjects to do with Christian discipleship. You are welcome to pop in and borrow any of the books.

The Writing on the Wall: 
Our own Richard Noble wrote this book with two main purposes.

  • First, to help people who only hear the well known bits of the Bible to appreciate its full scope.
  • Second to help us, as a congregation, reach out and help people who have drifted away from their churches to rediscover their Bibles.
  • It is also tailored for use through 40 days of Lent and 25 days of Advent.

You can find it (as paperback and eBook) by Googling: “The Writing on the Wall, R Noble” followed by “Sacristy Press” or “Amazon” or by using these links:-

“The Writing on the Wall” is the successor to “by the skin of its teeth” which was launched in St Mary’s on Bible Sunday 28/10/2012.

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