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Buckden Remembrance Services

Remembrance Day Service Poster

Thy Kingdom Come

From 25th May to 4th June we took part in the Archbishops’ call to all churches to pray for our nation, community and world. As part of this, we had prayer nets out in the church porch and people were invited to add their prayer requests to the nets. Here are some of the things that people asked us to pray for:-

  • Victims and perpetrators of terror attacks in London and Manchester
  • Police, doctors, nurses and other emergency services
  • Appreciation of the NHS. For its many burdens
  • Loved ones dying, grieving or suffering loss of faculties
  • People involved in recent road accidents
  • Worries while waiting for medical tests, procedures and results
  • Buckden and its wonderful school
  • Families lacking food or money
  • Concern for grandchildren in a world needing God’s love
  • God’s wisdom for those in positions of leadership
  • Christian revival in our nation and God’s will to be done


July at St Mary’s Buckden

This month starts with Buckden Village Festival. We’ll be there at the fete on Saturday 1st July  with the Churches Together Pirates Stall, the*800 and counting* talents stall and Pirate Games in the arena too. On Sunday 2nd July we have a Village Celebration Service at 11am in Buckden Village Hall – all are very welcome to come and join in with this informal, fun service.  For full details about the festival see http://www.buckdenvillagefestival.co.uk/

Pirates logo

There are loads of other events and activities going on in July.  There’s a list below but for more details, take  look at our newsletter st marys newsletter July 2017

1707 Roundabout DRAFT july

*800 and counting……*   THE CHALLENGE IS NOW ON! Thank you to everyone involved. Don’t forget to update us with news and pictures of your plans and events over the coming months. The ones we know about are listed below. For more information about the challenge and the celebration, click on *800 and counting*

800 events list.jpg

Restoration Appeal and Major Projects
We continue to pray for success in our grant applications and give thanks for the people who have felt moved to support our beautiful Parish Church. Work on the roof was completed but we are unable to progress any of the other major projects until we have raised substantial funds. Click on the links in the title for more information.

Our chosen Charity for July-August is Ed Isaac
This is very much a local cause. Ed, his wife Emma and their 3 children live in the village. Ed suffered a massive brain haemorrhage and collapsed on his way to work in November 2016. He underwent life-saving surgery and is currently undergoing intensive rehabilitation at a local neurological centre. Ed is currently reliant on a wheelchair and has very limited movement down the left-hand side of his body. Ed returned home to his family in June but their house needs a downstairs wet room and bedroom; and he will need continuing therapy. A group of friends have been raising money locally to help the Isaacs to become a family once again.
See the  charities page on this website (under finance), the weekly pewsheet and the charities noticeboard at the back of church for updates during the months.




The service in Buckden is at 10.30am on Friday 6th March at St Mary’s Church. All are welcome to attend – men, women, and people of all ages. Please do join us

On Friday 6th March an estimated 3 million people, in over 170 countries, will gather to observe the day of prayer, using an order of service written by Christian women from The Bahamas and translated into over 1000 different languages and dialects. In the British Isles alone over 5000 services will be held. The day will begin when the sun rises over the islands of Samoa, and continue until it sets off the coast of American Samoa some 35 hours later.  For more information see the WWDP website http://www.wwdp.org.uk

Prayers for the A1

At St Mary’s Buckden we regularly pray for the A1: for those who travel on it, and for the emergency services who endeavour to keep us safe as we travel, and who are always there swiftly to deal with accidents when they do occur.

On Sunday 13th October there was a major accident on the Northbound carriageway just south of Buckden, involving a coach and a lorry and possibly also a car.  In church we prayed for all those involved, and your continuing prayers are invited for:

  • Those seriously hurt, particularly the two bus drivers
  • Those with only minor injuries, but who will need support in their recovery from a frightening experience
  • The emergency personnel who attended the scene
  • All road users on the A1 – for their safety and care.
  • Thanksgiving for the vigilance and careful driving of the coach driver, and that the accident was not even more serious.

Details of the accident and its aftermath have been widely reported online.