Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is an important part of our Ministry at St Mary’s and is achieved in many different ways. For example: Friends in Deed provide transport and visiting within the village, Home Communion is offered to those unable to come to church, various small group provide fellowship and mutual support and a huge amount of support is also offered naturally and informally within the congregation.

Our Pastoral Care Co-ordinator, Marilyn Rolin, can be contacted on 07871 085268 or by email

All concerns raised with Marilyn will be treated as confidential. She is there to try and ensure that nobody “falls through the cracks” should they need help and support.  She can also put you in touch with the other organisations and groups available.  So please contact the number above if:-

  • you are in need but not sure who to talk to or if you would like to be visited by one of the ministry team.
  • you have noticed that someone has not been in church for a few weeks and you wonder if they are OK
  • you learn that someone in the congregation is unable to get to church, is in hospital or is ill at home and you think they might appreciate a phone call or visit
  • you think that a particular person might appreciate a prayer, a call or a visit for whatever reason

Thank you to everyone who plays a role in Pastoral Care (and that probably is every single one of us in some way).  Please do not stop the good work you are doing but please do ask for help when it is needed.

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